The Human Way Of Thinking

~Psychology today, a must read.

How many times does the average human bluff or get offended in a single day? It’s crazy how people strive so hard to protect a certain image or appearance of how they should be and how their lives are suppose to look like.

Ever noticed individuals being pissed and angry, then when somebody comes with a smile and asks how are you, they smile back and say “I’m good, how are you?” With an immediate change of facial expression.

Why? Because they either don’t want to share their business, or don’t want to be perceived in a negative way.
Very few will tell you honestly what’s the matter and they are actually wise. Because if they actually do, even fewer would care genuinely.

Human beings are some of the most selfish species on earth. Everybody only cares about their life, their food, their clothes, their relatives (only to the extent where it benefits them), their money, their reputation, and how they feel.

It’s also strange to see how much people enjoy having power over others. It makes them feel good to have a notion of superiority. Everybody wants to be the best and have more success than his or her fellow mates.

Why are we like this? I’m no saint. I am guilty of all these things. But is there a place where one can go live without having to participate in the competition?

Don’t you dare lie to yourself saying that this doesn’t apply to you. The fact is that everybody wants to look better. Otherwise why would we find the need to buy new clothes, cars, and houses? Why buy anything other than what we really need?

Did you know that the average human being spends more on what they want than what they need? We are creatures of desire, we want things…

Sad story or a happy one. Life goes on.

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