Manifesting your Reality…

To have the life that you dream of, first believe.

The more you believe, the higher the chance of occurring.
If you think you are a loser, then you are a loser.
If you think you are a winner, then you are a winner.
What you think of yourself is what defines you.
Similarly, what you think of others defines how you experience them.
If you think people are good, then you will see the good that they do.
If you think they are bad, then you will see the bad that they do.
That applies to everything: your perception defines how you experience life.
To have a better life, you must first believe that it is getting better.
For positive things to happen, you must think positively.
By thinking positively, you will see the good opportunities.
By thinking positively, you will create good opportunities.
And it is only by having a good attitude that you will make the best of all those opportunities.
If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you cannot, you cannot.
Those who accomplish great things are the ones you believe in their ability to accomplish great things.
How far you reach depends on how far you believe you can reach.
If you say to yourself that you can only go half-way, then you are setting yourself to that.
If you believe that everything is going to work out, then you will find ways for it to work out.
If you believe they won’t, then they won’t.
Therefore, pay close attention to your thoughts.
Things are what you believe they are.
Your reality is what you think it is.
The better you think things are, the better they become.
Have you ever tried all this and it did not work?
Remember that you also have a subconscious mind.
The problem might be that you are not always aware of what you think.
If you are aware of your thoughts only 5% of the time, then you only have 5% control over your reality.
The more aware you become, the more you will be able to watch your thinking.
The more you control what you think, the more you control what you experience.
That is why it is important to practice mindfulness and live in the present moment.
By fully immersing yourself in the now, you become fully aware of what you are thinking right now.
By having great awareness, you have great control.
Master your life by mastering your mind.
The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.
As your thoughts change, everything changes.
You are who you really believe you are at the moment that you think you are.
Everything is what you really believe it is.

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