Secret of Getting Rich Fast (Part 2)


Honestly, I never had much money in my pocket. But hung out with very wealthy individuals. They brought me everywhere, and spent a big deal of money on me. I guess they must have really liked me.

But what was special about me? What quality did I have that others didn’t possess? What did I bring that others couldn’t? Why pick me?

The answer is clear and simple: It has always been my attitude and personality.

I always listened attentively, thought properly about what was told to me, and responded honestly with constructive criticism and good feedback.

So what if it was a millionaire sharing his idea or business plan? If i saw flaws, I was never shy enough to hold myself back from laughing at the obvious (what was to me). I was always bold in telling the truth.

What made me stand out was my refusal to kiss anyone’s ass or to pretend to like an idea when it wasn’t worth a penny in my eyes.

So my friends, be bold, be honest, and do not hold back. Also remember to listen attentively and congratulate somebody if they actually have something worthwhile.

If you want to make friends with people.

You have to lift them up and make them feel good about themselves.

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