Secret of Getting Rich Fast

You can change from being poor to being rich in a single day, and it is guaranteed. Not by winning the lottery, nor by selling drugs, but by changing your mindset.

Remember that success isn’t a result of money, but rather the opposite: money is the result of success.

Mark Zuckerburg first created Facebook, then made his millions. J. K. Rowling first wrote Harry Potter, then made her fortune. Neither Bill Gates, nor Steve jobs, had much money when they started Microsoft and Apple. Remember, the product comes first, then the money. And it all starts by having a good idea.
All of us can have a million dollar idea. We can all think, can’t we?

Start by taking a look around you, look at the furniture around you, pay close attention to the design. Somebody thought of that!

Take a look at the cover of my book, that was my idea. So being rich can simply mean having great ideas, and living life in a plentiful way, regardless of who you are.

I am 24 years old, never had much money in my pocket, but always found my way to the millionaires table at the classiest restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, and night clubs.

You may ask: how is that?

Well, I always had good ideas to share.

Keep reading on if you want to live a rich life…

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