Secret of Getting Rich Fast (Part 3)

Page 7-9

Most people find excuses not do act upon their situation and blame life for whatever happens to them. I was quite the opposite. When something didn’t go my way, I found my way.

I was born and raised on an isolated island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius, and always wanted to go to the land of opportunity known as the United States of America. However, I didn’t have enough money.

Yet, I made it to New York. What did I do to get here?

I didn’t sell my body nor my soul to the devil, no. Instead, I found a full tuition scholarship at the University of Oregon and taught French and Mauritian culture to middle schools kids.

I hadn’t yet made it to the business capital of the world but I got closer to my dream.

My next step was to transfer to the City College of New York, and here I am, enjoying life in the Big Apple.

What did it require? Courage, determination, and a leap of faith in my own abilities to succeed.

If you want something, you have to go for it. You cannot sit back and expect life to make it happen for you.

You can play the lottery, sure, but what are your chances of winning?

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